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U11 Girls Finish in D1!

The U11 Saints Girls team faced a challenging season this year in the OBL Circuit. Despite joining the league late, they made an impressive debut by winning all four games in their first-ever OBL tournament. Recognizing their exceptional performance, the team was promoted to a higher division. This new division proved to be demanding and highly competitive, but the girls displayed remarkable resilience, maintaining a positive attitude and giving their all. With continued determination, they delivered strong performances against Oxford and St. Thomas, which helped determine their seedings for the OBA championships. Although the team had hoped for a #1 or #2 seed in Division 2, they were assigned the 8th seed in Division 1. Undeterred, the Saints faced a tough opening game against the #4 seed East York, nearly securing a victory. Throughout the tournament, the girls displayed unwavering perseverance, keeping the games closely contested with their exceptional defense. As a result, they finished in an impressive 6th place in Division 1. Congratulations, girls! Your coaches are very proud of your efforts and dedication throughout the season.

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